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Month 1

Module 1: The State and Purpose of Prophetics  The number of people who call psychic lines wanting to know their future is astounding. The world system seems to be flourishing while the prophet?s call has great skepticism.   In this powerful teaching, learn the foundational principles of the state and purpose of the 21st Century Prophet. In order to press through the perversion and re-establish godly prophetics- signs, wonders and miracles must follow the Prophet sent by God.

Module 2: The Purpose of Prophecy and the Prophet According to 1 Corinthians 14:1-3, Prophecy should edify, exhort and encourage the hearer. When you prophesy, you are literally speaking God?s word to build up the heart and spirit of an individual and in many cases provide direction and guidance. In this lesson, you will learn the basic principles of prophecy as well as the different functionaries of a Prophet who serves as a spokesperson for the Godhead diety.

Module 3: The Purpose of God?s Prophet The prophet acted as the direct mouthpiece of God in the earth realm and God will not allow the Prophets words to fall to the ground (Sam 3:19). Learn how the Biblical prophets were trained and how the power in the voice of the Prophet had the ability to distribute not only provision but impartation and activation in the life of the obedient believer.

Module 4: Knowing the Purpose of Prophetic Protocol What is the purpose of prophetic protocol and a prophetic company? The local church needs governing precepts in order to function at the capacity in which God ordained. Find out what happens when the visionary of the house works directly with the company of prophets to establish prophetic protocol eliminating perversion within the local church body and at the same time establishing prophetic covering.

Month 2

Module 5  If you KNOW you are called to the Prophetic, there are some basic fundamentals that must be established in order to function in the full capacity in which God ordained. This teaching poses 3 simple questions that the prophet in training must ask him/herself; where are you in the Prophetic, where are you supposed to be and how are you going to get there. Once these questions have been answered the prophet will have a better understanding of how to release the prophetic word not only personally and corporately but on a worldwide level to the people of God.

Module 6: Prophesy like a Prophet- Do you know the difference between Basic Prophecy and Advanced Prophecy; or is there a difference?All prophecy is inspired communication by God and when a true prophet prophesies into your life it should be able to not only shift atmospheres but change situations in the lives of the hearer. In this teaching, learn how to use your prophetic mantle to not only prophesy a word that brings ?confirmation? but one that will cause activation and impartation; pushing the believer into another dimension.

Module 7: Since the Prophet is God?s mouthpiece in the earth, the pure prophetic word must flow through a vessel that has been cleansed, sanctified and set aside for the master?s use. How often are you setting aside quiet time with God? What?s a regular part of spiritual preparation for you when you know you will be ministering the word? Consecration and prayer is the stabilizer for a prophet. Hear the different viewpoints of prophets as they share how living a purified life will not only boost the potency of the word you give but also intensify the weight of the word that you carry.

Module 8: Each prophet has a specific realm in society in which they are called to impact. Do you have your own prophetic philosophy? What Foundational principles based on the Word of God does your prophetic ministry stand on? In this session, hear how different prophets in training define the basis and grounding of their own prophetic calling as well as how they see their mantle impacting the Kingdom of God as a prophetic ambassador.   

Month 3 

Module 1: Dream Interpretation 101
Module 2: Prophetic Intercession 101
Module 3: Prophetic Homiletics 101
Module 4: Prophetic Sermon Preparation 101


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The course is transformational. The lenses through which you see things pertaining to the prophetic will forever be changed. For those who desire it ...the scriptures, history, perspective, instruction, fellowship, revelation etc. gained in during the course will help you transition to a level of consciousness competence in the prophetic from that of unconsciousness competence or even incompetence in some areas. If we truly desire to seek the best gifts, as the Apostle Paul urges us to do, we must honor God by seeking to be competant in those same 'best' gifts because we serve a God who is excellent in all things... for His name alone is Excellent (Ps 143:13)

Wyman Winbush , Jacksonville, FL

Student - Summer Prophetic Mastermind 2015

Prophetic Mastermind has ignited the activation, impartation, tutelage and corrective way of teaching in my life. This course has torn down traditional walls, man deposited concepts, awakened dreams, ignited the prophetic gift upon my life by adding prophetic character, breaking the chord of fear & defining my identity. Get educated in knowing the difference in the Unction to prophesy vs being born into the prophetic which God given. If you are operating as a prophetic vessel of God, Prophetic Mastermind is the training for you. Get stretched beyond your now!!

Kelle Freeman - Pensacola, FL 

Student - Summer Prophetic Mastermind 2015 

Mastermind 2015 mentorship is a challenging and insightful course... I can honestly, and truthfully say my overall experience, so far, has been prophetically impactful! I'm STIRRED!!!

Monica Jackson

Student - Summer Prophetic Mastermind 2015

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