Am I A Prophet?

IF you're having a hard time answering this question, then you are in the right place. Still trying to figure out if you are operating in the gift of prophecy or the OFFICE? Then it's time to take The Prophetic Assessment Questionnaire developed by Dr. Paula Price, Author of The Prophet's Dictionary.
It is comprised of over 300 specialized questions that will help to identify your mantle, sphere, emphasis, classification, communication style, delivery, maturity, readiness and more. 
The PAQ starts at $99.00 and includes a prophetic advisement to discuss results.  
(If you're a new or current  MENTEE of Apostle Dwann Holmes Rollinson & GICMP, don't forget to
1. list her as your MENTOR and  
2. Contact her as soona s you have taken the assessment before your results come in. )



About Apostle Dwann & How She Can Help You


Apostle Dwann has helped hundreds of clients tap into the next level of their ministry or marketplace vision via strategic media, marketing and business consultation. In addition to working with selective clients,  Dwann also SPEAKS via lectures & training to corporate, non-profit and faith-based organizations around the globe. 
For Apostolic Guidance or Apostolic Advisement Prophetic Session with Apostle Dwann Dial 1-844-2-TRY-GOD or for FREE PROPHECY via her team visit


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To book Apostle Dwann for your next MINISTRY, MARKETPLACE OR MEDIA event just click here or on the BOOK APOSTLE DWANN above. She loves what she does and counts it an honor to minister to ALL OF GOD'S CREATION no matter the denomination. Miracles, signs and wonders are often EVIDENT in her meetings  as well as a strong spirit of prophecy & revelation. You may also call 877.595.9117 ext 721 to speak with her Ministry Liason, Evangelist Teshania Blackwell for more information

Interview Apostle Dwann for your BROADCAST

For media interviews regarding Prophetic Ministry or Mentorship, Social Media Trends,  Solo-Preneurs & Faith At Work Dwann is happy to accomodate.  Sattelite interviews are LIVE from Jacksonville, Florida. Or feel free to cal 877.595.9117 ext 3 to speak directly with someone who can help organize your interview. 


A Prophetic Pocket-Guide of Proven Strategies and Instructions On How To Release Personal and Corporate Prophecy Authored by Dwann Rollinson 
Foreword by Dr. Paula A. Price 

Yes, you too can prophesy whether or not you are a Prophet!

Learn how to deliver an accurate personal prophecy or corporate prophecy and even how to take a dream and easily relay it as a prophecy rather than only as a narrative story.


Yes, You Too Can Develop Your Gifting in Interpreting Your Prophetic Dreams! 

Confirmation from others is good and necessary at times, but each of us really should have a basic understanding of what God is saying to us when He speaks to us in dreams and visions.  

You CAN Interpret Your Dreams combines biblical principles and practical revelation that gives simple instructions on how to increase your ability to interpret your own dreams. 


DO YOU KNOW HOW EFFECTIVE YOUR MARKETING & MEDIA LAUNCHES ARE? Sometimes taking a LEAP OF FAITH as an entrepreneur requires having access to strategies and systems that will LAUNCH you forth in profitable ways.
Just because you have a VISION doesn’t mean it’s going to MANIFEST.
No matter what you’ve been told, I’m here to help.

Interested in Prophetic Training ?

As Founder of  THE GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF CHURCH & MARKETPLACE PROPHETS  #GICMP, Apostle Dwann trains, teaches and mentors PROPHETS all across the WORLD, ACCESS  one of her  MOST POPULAR complimentary WEBINARS  on WINNING Against Apostolic & Prophetic Witchraft below! PLUS find out about more prophetic training events in your area and  more! QUESTIONS? DIAL 877.595.9117 ext 721