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QUESTION: I  have thick type (4c) hair and I need to know WHAT PRODUCTS  will help make my hair EASIER TO MANAGE!! Any suggestions?
ANSWER:  I recommmend using heavy butters (like shea butter) to help moisturize and creates styling flexibility that won't make you feel like you're FIGHTING WITH or against your curl pattern. The butters keep your hair moisturized for long periods of time. Plus, butters are highly recommmended during winter months. 

 (4c)Natural Hair Type

QUESTION:  I'm going natural and my hair is falling out: why is this happening and what should I do?
ANSWER: First we have to determine WHY you're losing hair in a specific area. My experience has been that there are generally (3) reasons for  "unexplained" hair loss with African American women who are transitioning away from relaxers.
FIRST:  Many women who have hair loss at the top or crown of thier hair have this due to heightened stress and chemical damage from being burned by relaxers over the years.  If this is you, book a consultation today.
SECOND: Another top area where I see hair loss is from women who have consistently worn up-dos and the bobbie pins are literally digging into your scalp and causing almost irreversible damage by "hurting" your follicles. No hair style should cause constant pain. 
THIRD:  Many women who wear braids a lot and now recognize that their hair line is disappearing are really experiencing TRACTION ALOPECIA. Traction Alopecia is a form of hair loss caused by  pulling FORCE being applied to hair. In other words when you allow braiders to braid your hair so tight that it hurts and this is done consistently, you are essentially risking your hair eventually falling out around your edges. 

Hair Loss

QUESTION: What's the number 1 protective style you recommend?
ANSWER:  I usually recommened TWISTS for several reasons. When you use twist exention hair the brands tends to be softer than "braiding" hair. Also, when installed properly they don't hinder the growth process of your natural hair. Hair is still able to be shampooed and treated properly. Plus, you can style them all kinds of fun ways. 

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