Inside-Out Inner-Healing & Deliverance Intensive

INSIDE - OUT Inner-Healing & Deliverance (12) Week Intensive 

How to Leverage What You've been through and Reject The Spirit of Rejection, Sabatoge & Spiraling Cycles, once and for all! 

Dwann Holmes Rollinson - Founder GICMP 

YaQuanda McCall - GICMP Instructor 

You don’t have to be overwhelmed with worry and anxiety. Those negative thoughts that seem to battle on the inside of your mind can be stopped with the right kind of help.


No, it’s not just spiritual.  

Yes, it takes more than just prayer.  

You have to be willing to get rid of the thoughts that keep you living in the past. Baggage from past relationships whether it be a past marriage or even a past faith partnership where you served someone who you thought would always be there for you.  

It’s these situations and thoughts that tend to plague the mind of prophets and others struggling with the SPIRIT OF REJECTION and more. 

But until you’re really ready to accept it and address it, your cycle of defeat may continue to frustrate your future.  

I’m Dwann Holmes Rollinson and I absolutely love helping God’s prophetic people recover from their past while pushing them forward in their future. Many times, it’s harder than just doing one prophetic prayer or deliverance session and definitely takes more than releasing a (1) time prophecy.  

After all the prophecies, after all the prayers, after all the deliverance and after all the diabolical dreams, you need strategic assistance and accountability that will push you forward to VICTORY. 

That’s what this INNER-HEALING Intensive is all about.  

During this 12-week Intensive week after week we will help you identify why you are where you are and what it will take to get you over the hump that you may not have even realized was pushing you backwards or paralyzing you right where you are.  

Sometimes because you’ve been swimming in a pool of negativity and deferred dreams for so long, you don’t even see how far you’ve sunken in the pit. This intensive is designed to help you dig yourself out of the pit with some specific strategic spiritual and natural help from those qualified to help you wholistically. 

If you’re experiencing any of these problems in your life and ministry, then this live training and deliverance INTENSIVE is for you. Save your PRIVATE seat now.

Also, this is a LIVE -ON-DEMAND VIRTUAL COURSE event that will last 12 (weeks) We start in. . .

Important: It’s been years Apostle Dwann & Prophet YaQuanda have come together to help heal prophetic voices. But every time they get together—whether online or in person—the content shared makes seismic shifts in people’s ministries and lives. 

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There are (3) different ways you may invest in order to RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY! Even if you can't make the LIVE sessions, it's important to understand ALL WILL BE RECORDED and DELIVERED to your inbox for your review, whether you attend or not. But again, you have to register via one of the (3) OPTIONS in order to particiate in this PRIVATE GROUP INNER-HEALING and DELIVERANCE Course.